What is a Green House Home

BridgeWater is a Green House home developed using the nationally recognized best practice guidelines of THE GREEN HOUSE® Project—which is a deep culture change initiative.  

This national model of care returns control, dignity, and a sense of well being to elders, their families and direct care staff.  Elders live in real homes where individuality and choice are honored, quality care is a priority, and people have more satisfying and meaningful lives. 

Benefits of a Green House Home

Our homes are dedicated to maintaining quality of life for our elders. This means our homes are limited to a maximum of 12 elders per home. Our compassionate staff gets to know each of our elders on a personal level, adding meaningful relationships to the home. Meals are eaten at a family-style table to continue developing the real home feel.

A Green House home affect elders differently than traditional or institutional settings, whether that be the nursing home or assisted living, based on the way that we provide care. Elders in a Green House home lead a lifestyle that they choose, so we bring activities and meaningful engagement right into the home.

In Green House homes we’ve seen some medications reduced or discontinued, depression is relieved, due to the feel of the home and the personalized care each elder receives.

Green House Home Model available only in Hanover, MN and Janesville, MN.




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Our Mission

The Green House Model is based on the three core values of meaningful relationships, empowered staff and a real home. Everything in our homes is designed to reflect and instill these values in the daily life of our staff and elders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to say goodbye to institutionalized living and offer this comforting alternative. We provide quality of life with peace of mind, for both elders and families, without a difference in spending. 


The organizational structure in The Green House model challenges traditional care hierarchy.  It is flattened to create a circular organizational chart with the elders at the center. Our
CNA's/ PCA’s are called Shahbazim based on an ancient legend that essentially refers to the elder as king, and the Shahbazim are those that watch over the kingdom & happily serve the king. The Shahbazim, along with our Nursing team, go through an extensive training, learning about the Green House Model, innovative approaches to providing care, specialized Dementia training, culinary training, and more. This allows them to function within self-managed work teams, have primary responsibility for the day-to-day care of the elders, manage the homes, and provide the highest quality of care. This versatile role allows for more meaningful interactions in the home, which leads to overall higher satisfaction and improved clinical outcomes.