What is BridgeWater?

BridgeWater is an innovative elder care establishment, located in Hanover and Janesville, Minnesota. With a maximum of twelve elders in each home, it guarantees personal attention and meaningful relationships. Elders have personal suites, allowing them to maintain privacy and dignity, and luxury amenities so they can enjoy the finer things in life.

Real Home

BridgeWater exudes warmth, from the family style dining to the cozy fireplace. It looks and feels like home, because it is. Elders have control over the rhythms of their day: waking, sleeping, meals & meaningful engagement.

Meaningful Life

The Green House model embraces elderhood as an opportunity for continued growth and development. It creates an environment in which individual needs are met because each person is deeply known and valued. Choice, control, autonomy and close relationships are just a few aspects.

Empowered Staff

The direct-care providers function within self-managed work teams to provide the day-to-day care for the elders and act as managers of the home. Assisted living aides partner with nurses and other clinical team members to create an empowered team.


BridgeWater ensures elder satisfaction through our extensive list of luxury amenities.

  • Family Style Dining with 24-hour Culinary options available

  • Cable & Wireless Internet Provided

  • Outdoor Patio space and gardens

  • Secure building 

  • Private Suites

  • Private Bathrooms with Heated Floors

  • Cozy Living Room with Fireplace

  • Four-Season Sunrooms 

  • Spa Services: Hair, Nails, Massage, Aroma Therapy